Coil Spring

Role of Coil Spring

Support the vehicles weight and absorb the impact
of the road condition

Increase the life of the shock absorber and other suspension components including tyres

Together with shock absorbers they make up the vehicles suspension system which keeps the tyres in contact with the road.

Why change Coil Springs?

To return the vehicle to the correct ride height

To maintain tyre contact with the road surface

To improve road handling

To improve wheel alignment

To save money by increasing shock absorber life

When should Coil Springs be changed?

When broken – always replace in axle pairs

When fatigued (sagging) – always replace in axle pairs

Shock absorbers should also be replaced at the same time – always replace in axle pairs


Hot & Cold coiling technology

Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

Shot-peening significantly increases the fatigue life of the spring

Surface preparation and coating ensures excellent corrosion resistance

Side load technology (banana springs) available

Full range of OE design taper wire miniblock technology available (RJ Series). Alternatively,a competitively priced aftermarket constant wire design is available (RX Series)