Monotube high pressure gas shock absorbers

Shock absorbers

Restores OE monotube performance

Increases performance over OE twin tube

Completely eliminates foaming and performance fade

Up to 30% more damping than twin tube

Single, seamless working cylinder, heavy duty gauge

Phenolic piston seal provides consistent performance

Additional floating piston separates oil and compresses nitrogen gas to add velocity sensitive performance

Seamless mounts and bonded bushings adds strength and eliminates noise

Monotube design completely eliminates foaming and performance fade

Single, seamless working cylinder, Heavy duty gauge eliminates bending, flexing and leaking

Phenolic Piston Steel, Wont break down, Provides consistent performance

Floating Piston, Separates oil and nitrogen gas to provide velocity-sensitive performance

Seamless mounts, Bonded Bushsings, Adds strength and eliminates noises vs. rolled and welded designs