Twin tube gas shock absorbers, struts and cartridges

Patented valving plus pressurised nitrogen gas account for riding comfort and, at the same time, dramatically reduce the aeration or foaming that commonly occur in shock absorber and cause its performance to start fading, even after only a few minutes in operation.

Restores OE performance

One way anti-foaming valve reduces foaming and performance fade

Three stage dual valving

Teflon coated piston valve

Seamless inner cylinder and eye ring, no leaks

Bonded bushings and sleeves

Hard chromed piston rod

Shock Absorber Macpherson StrutCartridge

Anti Foaming valve, Reduces foaming and performance fade

Highly Polished Chrome plated piston, Reduces upper seal wear

Hardened Steel piston rod, Piston rod can be made smaller to increase piston area providing more damping control

Additional Damping (Boost), Engineered to restore OE performance

Seamless Cylinder & sleeves, No seams means more strength, no leaks, no noise

Seamless mounts, Bonding bushings, Adds strength and eliminates noises vs rolled and welded designs